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Snow Removal

Snow Plowing

Snow and ice can become a hazard at a any time during the winter. And keeping your parking lot clear during heavy snow storms require an extensive amount of work and resources such as salt and coffee! We have the equipment and manpower to accommodate any residential or commercial client. From a simple application of rock salt to clearing your parking lot during the toughest Indiana blizzard, our skilled team can handle the challenges of winter months.

Parking Lot Salting

Snow plowing is only part of the job of keeping your parking lot or even driveways safe. Most of the time you must apply a layer of salt to ensure that the snow will melt and both vehicles and people can move around safely.
Our team is ready to clear your parking lot or driveway of any excessive amount of snow and apply the necessary amount of salt to make it safer. We have teams on standby every time there's snow in the forecast no matter the time of the day. We can provide you with emergency snow plowing and salting services whenever nature calls. Get a hold of us by calling at 317.418.2717


In many states maintaining a safe sidewalk is part of the business responsibilities, and not doing so may lead to fines and even lawsuits! Avoid these issues by hiring our sidewalk salting and clearing services for those snowy days. We provide reliable, fast and emergency salting services for your sidewalk.
Keeping a clear and safe sidewalk is also good for business. It can increase foot traffic and people will love the fact that you care about their safety. Contact us today! Fill out this form or call us.

Sidewalks De-ice

Controlling ice is much more science than art. We utilize the newest and most effective anti-icing and de-icing techniques to get the job done. Our de-icing solution employs solid freeze-point depressants such as sodium chloride, standard rock salt, or calcium chloride pellets, depending on the surface and conditions. It's applied on top of snow and ice and these burn through and break the bond of ice formation on the pavement. This service can help you keep customers and employees safe.

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