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Lawn Mowing and Edging

A healthy lawn needs to be more than just a patch of green grass. A beautiful and healthy lawn can provide you and your family a comfortable place to walk, sit or play. Lawn maintenance sounds like simple yard work, but in reality it's a great way of improving your property's appeal and worth. Just as people judge a book by its cover, so do they judge a home by its lawn.
If you do not have a uniformly green lawn, the problem may actually stem from the height of your mower blades. Improve the color of your lawn by setting the mower blades so that no more than a third of the current height of blades of grass get lopped off. Make it look even prettier but cutting around the edges and borderlines. Our experts can help you! Contact us today!

Turf Aeration

A very valuable lawn care service that can improve the effects of watering and decomposition more efficiently is aeration. Aeration is simply a fancy word for making holes in the grass. You can do it with athletic spikes or even a stick sharpened at one end or just hire our team to do the job for you! You won't regret it.

Fall Leaf Removal

The spectacular fall display of leaf colors is breathtaking, however that means that it's just a matter of time before those colorful leaves drop to the ground, creating a new chore for many homeowners.
While jumping in the large leaf piles is one option for dealing with all the newly fallen leaves, it isn't the most practical option. It is important to remove leaves from the lawn soon after they've fallen. Lawns need air and light to thrive and grow. Leaves block both of these lawn necessities and may suffocate the lawn, causing brown, dead patches.

Tree and Shrub

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Well-trimmed trees and shrubs provide fantastic features for your garden and will increase curb appeal. Pruning also improves the health of trees and shrubs. Removing dead, dying or diseased portions of the shrub or tree prevents diseases from spreading and insects from settling into deadwood.
Pruning the right way at the right time can enhance plant growth, reduce disease and insect infestations, improve flowering and fruiting and improve the overall health of the plant. Contact us today and get a FREE estimate!

Groundcover Pruning

Most groundcovers require little attention beyond routine watering, mulching, fertilizing, and grooming. In many cases, maintenance takes very little time - especially when compared to the hours typically invested in lawn care.
Some shrubby groundcovers that are normally low growing may occasionally send out upright stems that spoil the evenness of the planting. Woody ground covers are sometimes planted too close to paths, making frequent pruning necessary. Because constant cutting back usually ruins the shape of the plants, it's often better simply to replace them with more suitable plants, and although this isn't hard work, it's time consuming and it will look better if done by a professional such as Green Indiana Lawn & Landscape!


Spring and Fall Clean-up

There are two very important seasons of the year for your lawn; fall and spring. Removing debris off of your lawn will help it stay healthy during the toughest time of the year which is winter, and making sure they get nutrients at the onset of spring will ensure that it looks beautiful and stays healthy.
Our cleanup service removes leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulated during the course of the season. It is important for the health of your lawn to remove these materials.


Your garden areas need to be weeded and edged yearly. We can clean your garden areas and re-mulch them with high quality mulch of your choosing. Mulch will be hand applied to ensure evenness and attention to detail. Mulch samples are available to assist you in deciding what color and texture best compliments your property. If you prefer to apply the mulch on your own but do not have a means of transporting the material, feel free to give us a call. We offer mulch delivery at competitive rates.

Bed Care

As an Indianapolis property owner, you have a duty at keeping the exterior of your home or business looking its absolute best at all times. Your lawn and landscaping are essential to the look and beauty of your property. Nothing can detract from the look of your landscaping more than rampant weeds. At Green Indiana Lawn & Landscape our lawn care specialists are here to assist you with all your landscape and flower bed weed control in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

Landscape Herbicide

At Green Indiana Lawn & Landscape we know how to tackle and eliminate all of the most common weed types and more. Protecting your lawn requires understanding and vigilance. Our pros are here for you. We understand the types of weeds you might encounter in your area and how to remove them and prevent them from growing in the future.

Tree and Shrub

Landscape Renovation

Just like with your house, your landscape needs regular maintenance to look its best. At some point however, they will need more serious work.
A house might benefit from a new layer of paint or new kitchen cabinets, and just like that your landscape will eventually need renovation work beyond the basics.
Fortunately, you can have your beautiful, lush landscape back. Chances are all it needs is a little landscape renovation and you have come to the right place because Green Indiana Lawn & Landscape has the experience to help you renovate your landscape! Just give us a call at 317.418.2717

Seasonal Flower Programs

Would you like to keep a beautiful storefront or just wow your guests at your home? Then a seasonal flower programs is the perfect service for you! Green Indiana Lawn & Landscape offers seasonal flower installation and we will always make sure that your flowers look beautiful by offering regular maintenance service. We can provide you every service from mulching to pruning and all at the best cost and with the best service. We can provide you with a FREE estimate. Just call us or fill out our online form.

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